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Yindii English Club: English For Conversations

How do you say it in English?
คุณจะต้องเลือก choice ที่แปลเป็นภาษอังกฤษให้ถูกต้อง
Give it a try!

Asking for Favors (การขอร้อง)

Seeing Old Friends

Shopping for a cell phone
Shopping for a new phone? Try to do it in Enlish!

Complimenting (ชมเชย)
You are so smart if you try this quiz!

If you feel well, try this quiz!

Going to a Party
Put on your dancing shoes. It's time to party in English!

Watching TV
Let's watch TV in English tonight

If a tourist asks you how to get to Siam Square,
do you know how to answer?

Going Out
Asking and answering questions about your plans

Shopping for Clothes
Sizes, colors, prices-- can you shop for clothes using English?

Thanking People
Do you know how to be polite in English?

Meeting People
What do you say when you first meet people?

In a Restaurant
Do you know how to order food in a restaurant?

On the Telephone
Hello. Test your ability to use the phone.


Yindii English Club

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