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Yindii Home > Yindii Reference > Yindii Guide to American Slang

Important: ŧҧ繤Ҿ觺ҧӨպ͡

Thai: ҡ
My dream is to ace the Chulalongkorn University entrance exam.
My sister is really stupid. Sometimes I think she is an airhead.
Thai: (繤Ҿ)
Jennifer Lopez has a big ass.
Thai: йһзѺ
Tiger Woods is awesome.
Thai: ҷդآ
Everyone had a ball during Songkran.
Thai: (繤Ҿ) ǡ ¹
The guy sitting next to me barfed on the flight to Chiang Mai.
beat շ
Thai: ˹
I was really beat after studying for my entrance exam.
bitch Է
Thai: (Ҿ) ˭ԧ
The woman that lives across the road from me is a bitch.
booze ٫
Thai: ͧš
Some Thai teenagers think drinking booze is cool.
the boys «
Thai: ͹ ǡ
I'm playing poker with the boys tonight.
bread ô
Thai: Թ
Do you have any bread? I want to buy something to eat.
I love a good cup of brew every morning.
Thai: ˡ
Don't believe Direk. He's full of B.S.
Thai: ˡ
That gossip is bull-- don't believe it.
bullshit 'ŪԷ
Thai: (Ҿ)ˡ ͡ǧ ѵ
Don't bullshit me. Tell me the truth about what happened.
bummer '
Thai: 觷Դѧ Դѧ
Having to go to school on the weekend is such a bummer.
bushed ت
Thai: ˹ҡ
I'm bushed from the hiking trip in Khao Yai park.
butt ѷ
My co-workers sit on their butts all day. I'm the only one that works hard.
Thai: ҤҶ١ سҾҵҰҹ
That's a cheesy computer you're using.
chick Ԥ
Who's the chick talking to Winai?
chicken 'ԡԹ
Thai: Ҵ
Don't be chicken. Ask Noi to go to the movies with you.
comfy '
Thai:дǡʺ آ
I hope you will be comfy sleeping on the sofa.
Thai: ʹ
The Internet is really cool.
Thai: ء
The man that tried to sell me a stolen car is now in the cooler.
cop ;
A cop stopped me for speeding.
couch potato Ҫ '
Thai: Դҡ
I am a couch potato on the weekend.
Thai: ˹ѧ
Nittaya always crams the night before a test.
crap þ
Thai: (Ҿ)觷դ 觷
That computer you bought at Pantip Plaza is crap.
dead meat ഴ շ
I will be dead meat if my teacher finds out that I cheated on the test.
Thai: ҡ
Sometimes the teacher makes me feel like dirt.
dirty '
Chai brought back some dirty videos from Cambodia.
dinosaur '䴹Ы
Thai: 觷ѹ
My father's car is a dinosaur.
ditch Ԫ
Thai: ⴴ¹ ˹¹
I got in trouble for ditching school.
Thai: Թ
Tiger Woods makes a lot of dough playing golf.
face-off ' Ϳ
Thai: ༪ԭ˹
The two players will face-off in the finals.
Thai: (繤Ҿ)
My old dog farts a lot.
Thai: ʧҨҴó
People that believe in ghosts are flaky.
flick ԡ
Thai: Ҿ¹
Have you seen a good flick lately?
Thai: ʹ ҡ
That new rap CD is fly.
Thai: š Ҵ
That  girl with the red hat is funky. What's wrong with her?
geek դ
Thai: ؤŷʹ
I don't like that guy. He's a real geek.
goof ٿ
My little brother is such a goof.
goof off 'ٿͿ
I usually goof off on the weekend.
goof up 'ٿѾ
Thai: ӼԴҴ
I goofed up my English test.
goofy ٿ
The new kid in my class is goofy.
grand ù
Thai: ˹觾ѹ
Boonserm lost a grand betting on football games.
Thai: ѭ
I saw a foreigner smoking grass on Samui Island.
Thai: ʡá á
I feel grubby after taking a bus in Bangkok.
gut ѷ
Thai: ا ͧ
My wife told me to exercise because my gut is too big.
guts ѷ
It takes a lot of guts to ride a bicycle in Bangkok.
hairy '
Thai: ҡ §ѹ Ӻҡ
The drive from Khorat to Bangkok was really hairy.
hip Ծ
Thai: ѹ˵ءó ͺ Ҵ
My friend bought a cell phone to be hip.
Thai: (Ҿ)
Richard Gere fell in love with a hooker in the movie "Pretty Woman".
horny '칹
Thai: 仴Ҥ
I sold my dog because he was always horny.
hot ͵
Thai: 繷蹪ͺ
Yindii.com is a hot web site.
hot ͵
Thai: 硫
Helen is really hot.
Thai: ˭ҡ
My neighbor's new dog is humungous.
hyper '
Thai: ҡԹ
My nephew gets hyper when he eats too much sugar.
Thai: ͺ
The little boy thinks that girls are icky.
in Թ
Thai: ѹ 繷
Are Levi jeans still in?
The boy that sits next to me is a real jerk.
jock ͤ
Thai: 觴ҹ
All the jocks in my school play football.
john ͹
Thai: ͧ
I need to go to the john.
Thai: Դʾ
The junkie steals money to buy drugs.
killer '
Thai: ˴  ҡҡ
Ajahn Poy's math class is a killer.
klutz ѷ
My brother is a real klutz. He always drops the ball.
Thai: դö
My friend is really lame. He doesn't know how to put air into his tires.
lip Ծ
Thai: þٴǴ
I was punished for giving lip to my father.
loser '
I felt like such a loser when I failed the entrance exam.
meathead 'շδ
My father-in-law thinks I am a meathead.
mega '
Thai: ˭
Britney Spears is a mega star.
mellow '
Thai: ͹ ͹
I felt mellow during school break.
neat շ
Anwar's new CD is really neat.
nerd Դ
Thai: Ҵ繤ѹ
Many computer nerds are now millionaires.
nut ѷ
Some nut sent me a strange e-mail message.
nut ѷ
Dang is a nut about American movies.
I want to move out of my parent's house into my own pad.
parental units 'ù ٹԷ
I can't go to the pub tonight. The parental units want me to stay home.
party animal ' '͹
Thai: ؤŷͺҹ§
I was a party animal during college.
paws ͫ
Get your paws off my computer.
peanuts 'չѷ
A Thai teacher's salary is peanuts.
Please wait a minute. I have to pee.
pig out ԡ ҷ
Thai: Թҡ
My friends and I always pig out at Pizza Hut.
pig ԡ
Thai: (繤Ҿ) Ǩ
A pig stopped me on Main Street.
Thai: (繤Ҿ)
Stop the car! I have to piss.
pissed off ʫ Ϳ
Thai: ø Դѧ
My boss was pissed off when I came to work late.
plastered '
I was plastered at the office Christmas party.
player '
Thai: ˹͹ ˹ҭ
Tell Pongsee to stay away from Direk. He is a real player.
Thai: Ҫվ
My friend John can fix your car. He's a real pro.
psycho '
Thai: äԵ äҷ
Be careful when walking home at night because there are a lot of psychos in this neighborhood.
puke ٤
Thai: ¹ ǡ
I puked on the plane.
pumped (up) Դ(Ѿ)
We are pumped up about the vacation to Singapore.
racket 'äԷ
Thai: §ѧ
My neighbor makes a racket at night.
rad ô
Thai: شش ʹ
The surfing in California is rad.
Thai: 觷Ңѹ
The Mr. Bean show is a riot.
the runs ѹ
Thai: ͧ
I got the runs when I was in India.
scum ʤ
My mother thinks my friends are scum.
Thai: ѹ͹ͺҡ
Yesterday was a scorcher in Surin province.
Thai: 蹵ҡѹᴴ
Shades are popular in Thailand now.
shaft ᪿ
Some jerk shafted my new jacket.
Thai: (繤Ҿ) سҾ
The new Jim Carrey movie is shitty.
sheep վ
Thai: Ὺ
My sister is such a sheep. She dresses just like her friends.
slob ͺ
Thai: ʡá
My mother always yells at me for being a slob.
split ʾԷ
Thai: ͡ҡ ҡ
Hurry up, Somchai. It's time to split.
A hippie was arrested for being stoned on Khaosan Road.
suck Ѥ
Thai: 繷Ѻ
The traffic in Bangkok sucks.
threads ô
Thai: ͼ
I bought some cool threads on the third floor of MBK.
trip out Ի ҷ
Thai: ջԡ
My father tripped out when he found out I failed the test.
turn-off ' Ϳ
Thai: 觢ͧѧ¨
Baldness is a turn-off to many woman.
twenty-four seven ǹ ૿Թ
Thai: ʹ
If you want to go to Chula, you'd better study twenty-four seven.
uptight 'Ѿ䷷
Thai: ´ ´ ø
I am uptight about school.
wad ʹ
Thai: ǹ֡Թ
That man must be rich. He has a huge wad of 1000 baht bills.
wasted ʷԴ
Thai: ҡ
Many people got wasted at the pub.
weed մ
Thai: ѭ
I hate people that smoke weed.
wheels ū
Thai: ö¹ ö䫴
When I start university next year I will need some wheels.
whiz ԫ
Thai: դö վä㹺ҧ
Nut is a whiz in math.
wimpy '
Thai: ͹
My friend is really wimpy. He never exercises.
Yank (Yankee) §
Thai: ԡѹ
Yanks living in Bangkok like to eat at Burger King.
zit Է
Many of my friends have zits.


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